Treadmills vs Elliptical Bikes: What should you get?

The elliptical bike and treadmill are two of the most prominent cardio machines seen around gyms. In general, both types of equipment can provide you with an effective cardiovascular workout and significantly improve aerobic capacity. Each machine can help you burn calories efficiently and fast, and you will be guided every step of the way in losing weight with accurate data as to how many calories you have actually burned.

Most importantly, any of the two can mold the path towards ultimately achieving your fitness goals! Along with all these similarities is the difficulty of choosing which one is best for you, especially if you are planning to setup an exciting home gym. Well, the decision really depends on how you wish to undertake your exercise regimen and by having the right knowledge of their unique benefits and possible drawbacks.



Highly Versatile

Stimulates brisk walking, jogging, to uphill sprinting, with various settings on incline, speed, and more customizations that allow for natural movements and help raise heart rate. You can opt for different activities on one single machine, such as walking, running, steep climbing, or interval training.

Optimal Work Output

Your body burns calories at a faster rate as you are encouraged to propel your body weight forward during exercise. Running and Walking strengthens the bones and muscles, promotes sustainability, and can aid in proper posture. The treadmill designates the speed and controls it which eliminates slacking off and making certain that you are right on track! You can also do your workouts no matter what the weather may be, and will never be hindered from achieving your goals.

High-Impact Exercise

Favorable for people with higher skill levels in exercising, since high-intensity training can pose a safety risk and running can bring about stress on the hips, knees, and joints for people not used to vigorous workout sessions. Adjusting the incline and speed leads to an exceptional variation in the intensity you prefer ranging from low-impact to high-impact for a dynamic exercise.


Most people have the perception of a treadmill as a high-priced equipment, which can be the primary reason why they hesitate to get one in the first place. However, one shouldn’t pay a lot of money for a good treadmill, because there are treadmills under $1000 built with a huge powerful motor, spacious running area, variable speed settings, and exhibits stability and durability which makes it a great value for your money!

Elliptical Bikes

More Room for Movements

Some have movable body handles or poles which allow workouts for the arms and legs, creating aerobic workouts which involve both the lower body and upper body muscles. Some can be pedaled in reverse which work the calf and hamstring muscles more as compared to the forward pedaling motion. You get a good workout though it may take some time to lose weight.

Low-Impact Exercise

It’s a great alternative to jogging which you can conveniently do for a longer time since it an elliptical trainer is less stressful on the knees, hips and back. An elliptical bike can still yield different levels of shin and hip discomfort, depending where the foot device on the machine is located, whether in front or behind your hips, or right under you as you exercise. It must not cause you knee pain when used correctly, but the problem may arise for some who have an underlying knee problem like degenerative arthritis.

Requires Proper Posture

Keep in mind to maintain good posture to ensure an effective workout. Hold your head up, your abdominal muscles tight, and your shoulders back, and your eyes as well as attention focused forward and not down at your feet. Most people tend to lean on the handles and may feel lazy over time, so you should typically let your lower body support your weight and get moving while being conscious of your body form.

If you decide that the elliptical bike is right for you, it’s best to get yourself a good posture corrector to get all the support you need. Various types can be worn in accordance to your needs that allow your body to exhibit good posture. They are highly recommended for the person using an elliptical bike for utmost effectivity of their workout. You will be able to execute body movements without having to constantly worry about your posture, allowing you to focus on your exercise and fitness goals to get you in your best shape!

Why Do Men Love Water Sports So Much?

yesMother nature has a lot to offer, where the ocean covers the biggest area in the earth’s surface. It is home to vast species and marine life, as well as enthusiasts who constantly find interesting and amusing things to do on water. There’s something about the ocean that draws people into it, such as the breathtaking atmosphere, awesome activities and wild adventures, but why do men love water sports so much? Here are 5 bold and manly reasons they just can’t help it!

Watercraft. Men fall for the coolest gears and equipment. They can be picky when it comes to watercrafts, constantly trying to find the most suitable for their muscular bodies. They’re eager to learn new skills and techniques and test it out themselves in the water, as if heading into a battle.

Bravery. Men love to test themselves and become fulfilled upon successfully engaging in water sports. Taking on the challenge of parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, racing and rafting, and other extreme activities done over wild places make them feel more like a man- strong, brave, and dauntless!


Childhood Memories. This is not just the perfect time for father and son bonding, but for reminiscing his own childhood fishing days. Any man will would love to cast his line onto the water, only to find himself delighted like a child with a good catch! Whether it is saltwater to freshwater fishing, inland, pier or deep sea charter fishing, there’s a story to tell and moments to remember.

Pride and Joy. A nice and rare catch, winning a race, teaching their kid how to bait fish, altogether gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Freedom. Traveling to different parts of the globe and engaging in extraordinary water sports and may be among the best things in life that’s ever happened to them. The freedom the ocean gives can be the greatest gift of all for a man!

Speaking about gifts, aren’t men just too difficult to choose the right one? You never really know what present will make them happy, and when you ask all you get is the famous “Nothing, really” or “I’m good with anything.” On the contrary, your man maybe the extremes such as the guy who would easily blurt out an incredible wish for the latest Ferrari or his own yacht! Do you know what exactly is the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for a boyfriend/husband who loves water sports? There is one simple, but may be the greatest thing in the world which would make any man feel much like a woman who’s been given the moon and stars!

This is all they ever wanted for Christmas, they just didn’t know it yet and thought about it when you asked. Get the man in your life the ultimate water sports equipment – an inflatable stand up paddle board to nourish his love for the ocean, and rekindle the love you share as well! Stand up paddle boarding is a growing trend amongst men who really love water sports, and for many good reasons that encourage his love for the ocean. If he loves surfing, he will realize that the speed that can be accomplished in an upright position with a paddle on hand is actually higher than when on a surfboard. He can likewise surf on his SUP once he catches huge waves along the way. If he loves kayaking, paddle boarding makes like so much easier with less strain on the shoulders and a more comfortable and relaxing paddling avenue. If he’s into snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, the best paddle board will enhance this passion and make it even more exciting with his very own board.

man's best friend on a paddle board

Head on over for an island getaway to explore new things! The opportunity to journey into areas of the seas where vehicles and other forms of watercraft cannot possibly fit with a paddle board is a priceless gift. Letting him have all the freedom and fun he wants will be much appreciated, but this makes wrapping a diving watch essential too. This way, he won’t get lost in time leaving you worrying where he’s at. If you think to purchase one, check out these stand up paddle board reviews.

A diving watch arrives in various styles and designs, which the adventurous man can wear anywhere from water sport activities to everyday casual wear. He can wear the same watch to the office as the hard working husband, and go straight to the classy restaurant as the handsome hunk you’re with on a romantic date. This will surely remind him of the thoughtfulness of the one and only, lovely woman in his life!

What Should You Get Your Grandparents this Christmas?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and is even wonderful with grandparents to share priceless memories with. Grandma sure makes the best cookies in the world and is a top-notch chef, quilter or sewer, while grandpa is the master fisher, golfer, gardener, and more. They’re the pros at just about anything! Give them a present that’ll amuse them and make them happiest for having helped your parents raise such a thoughtful grandson or granddaughter! Or be the loving son or daughter who turned them into wonderful grandparents as a way to thank them for their unfaltering guidance which has been extended to your children.

Gifts do not necessarily have to be flashy and extravagant, but one that expresses your genuine concern for their health and well being, and makes life comfortable in their daily living will be most appreciated.

1. Luxurious Bathrobe – Arriving in a myriad of styles, colors and sizes, and cloth material like elegant silk, fleece, cotton, microfiber, even organic, there’s one bathrobe for everyone. Its use is not limited to after showers but can make them cozy and comfortable during cold days. Get grandpa a classic Star Trek look, or designer robes like Cashmere and Armani. Get grandma a soft and smooth robe in lovely pink color for a nice spa at home and some well-deserved pampering. Whether knee or full-length, hooded or not, they’ll surely enjoy its utmost comfort. Better yet, get them a couple’s bathrobe to double the fun this jolly season!

luxurious bathrobe
luxurious bathrobe

2. Posture Correctors – There are various types designed for specific purposes that range from mild to advanced posture correction, to meet each individual’s unique needs. These can be worn to make life easier for your grandparents when performing routine tasks, especially once it gets really busy during the holidays. It can aid and support their lower and upper back, neck, shoulders, down to the ankle, and when in sitting and standing positions. High quality posture correctors are able to grant them highest quality of life they deserve by breaking-free from bodily aches and pains! Not only does it function to correct, but long term improvements greatly help strengthen muscles as well and encourage flexibility.

posture corrector
posture corrector

3. Barbecue Grill – Weekends, family vacations, and summertime typically involve barbecues and outdoor grillin’ fun! Who says you can’t do it during the winter season? Get your grandparents a good barbecue grill that’s easy to setup, store, clean, and move around, for use throughout the year. Find one that is made of the right height where they won’t need to bend, has roomy space to place their sumptuous holiday dishes, and comes with extra tools they might require. If you prefer, an electric indoor grill would be quick and easy to use. Watch as grandma prepares the meals while grandpa tosses them onto the grill, and enjoy the delightful aroma it releases!

barbecue grill
barbecue grill

4. Adult Tricycle – Give the gift of freedom and sheer pleasure by letting your grandparents have the ride of their life! Don’t worry, they won’t have to worry about having to balance themselves on a bike. There’ll be no risks of falling off and getting injured, nor getting back pains, other body aches, and saddle sores. Mounting and getting off, carrying things around, safety, stability, and reliability are not a cause of concern. All the said features are exhibited by a well built adult tricycle made with the highest standards and only of the best quality parts. Give them one each so grandpa and grandma can both hop in and go out on a date this white Christmas, comfortably and quite cozy on their adult tricycles. How romantic it would be when they venture out to take a lovely stroll together, where there’d be nothing else missing apart from a mistletoe!

Adult Tricycle
Adult Tricycle

5. Lightweight Tablet – More often than not, you may be geographically separated, hundreds of miles away throughout the globe. Seeing their grandchildren is pure joy so give them the means to stay connected and Skype, or make use of any video chat app whenever they miss your kids, Christmas season or not! The ideal size would be about 9-11 inches, so they can see everything on it clearly as they carry it around with ease, reach you quickly when they need to, login to their favorite social media sites, tweet, read books, and play some video games as they wish!

Lightweight Tablet
Lightweight Tablet

Why Men Tend to Lose Hair After A Certain Age

Hair loss. A dreadful word for young and old people, affecting both men and women but significantly has a higher impact on men. It’s actually referred to as male-pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness, aside from just the medical term androgenic alopecia.

Why is losing hair of more than a cherished hundred of them a day, out of about a hundred thousand embedded in the scalp, most prominent in men around 30-50 years old, or even younger?


It can be caused by any of the following factors:

  • Hereditary. You could have inherited the condition. Genetics is the most common reason where the genes develop a sensitivity to androgens which includes testosterone, making the hair follicles susceptible to shrinking.
  • Sign of Aging. This is inevitable, where hair growth slows down as you grow older and the hair itself becomes prone to breakage. Perhaps the best way to deal with it is never take your hair for granted, and find solutions in today’s innovative products meant to impede the aging process.
  • The Wrong Shampoo. Using hair products that contain harmful substances which can dry out your scalp, corrode your precious hair follicles, and irritate natural oil glands. Stick with all-natural shampoos for hair growth which can do wonders in no time!
  • Hair Damage. Harsh hairstyles, treatments, and improper use of chemicals such as dye, bleach and straighteners can inflame hair follicles. Excessive heat such as from the sun and hot hair dryer can also result in damaged hair.
  • Nutrition Deficiency. Heavy dieting which deprives the body of required amounts of vitamins and minerals and all essential nutrients lead to ceased growth of hair. Adapt to a healthier lifestyle by eating natural foods and replacing bad habits with healthy habits, and you may still be able to save yourself from baldness.
  • Other factors. Impact from sickness, unexpected or stressful events, or the process of recovery from surgery, and certain diseases, can temporarily impede hair growth, while it can also be a side effect of certain medications.

Switch Shampoos

The best thing to do that makes perfect sense is to switch shampoos. Dozens of hair products may claim to make miracles and make your hair a lot thicker, but can make matters worse with the wrong ingredients, and growing back your hair is turned into a total nightmare! However, if you manage to pick the right shampoo for hair growth, you’ll have your hair back without any doubt.

One of the most popular is the Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic, which is widely recognized for years, and for good reasons. This specially formulated shampoo is made with advanced DHT blocker and free from sulfates, parabens, DEA, and absolutely no harsh chemicals.It’s proven to remarkably increase hair volume and support healthy hair growth. Switching to a hair growth shampoo can be a life-changing milestone, and there’s nothing to lose but more strands of your hair if your don’t try!

It’s inexpensive, safe and natural, and very convenient where it’s just like doing a DIY project at home, instead of having to pay for some kind of golden treatment.

Jimi Hendrix vs Bob Marley – Who’s the Greater Icon?

Jimi Hendrix vs Bob Marley. Talk about epic music that’s simply amazing and unbeatable by any other artist! Music that’s enjoyed by people and reminisced decade after decade, and will continue to do so for many more to come. Who among the two is the greater icon? Who had the most influence as a musician in the whole world?

Getting to know Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix

American guitarist, songwriter, and singer whose mainstream career lasted only four years, but is one of the most celebrated musicians until today.

A pinnacle of an artist’s ability to express himself through a musical instrument. Jimi Hendrix changed the way a mere guitar was played and gave so much meaning to it. It was not only with completely original techniques, like his famous wah-wah pedal timbres, but how he fascinatingly played his electric guitar. Emotions were infused into it at every performance and incredible act, which produced undeniably awesome music to anyone’s ears! Jimi had the power to render an audience speechless upon hearing him for the first time. What you hear is some personally invented, invigorating, passionate, mind-blowing music. He was born November 27, 1942 and died on September 18, 1970 from drug-related complications at the age of 27. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 1992.

His Guitar: 1968 Fender Stratocaster

1968 Fender Stratocaster

The irrefutable king of the electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix, owned a good number of guitars that could make millions. One was the 1968 Stratocaster that he played at his Woodstock performance as the last act. The buyer is reportedly Microsoft’s Paul Allen, who paid more than a million for the impeccable instrument.

Fans say Jimi Hendrix sounded like no other and he did things no one thought was possible. He was willing to experiment and dared to try new things! His music is the root of everything you hear from an electric guitar in the rock music of today. They argue that popularity does not mean superiority, when compared with Bob Marley, and that no one attempted to cover his songs because nobody can do it better.

Getting to Know Bob Marley

bob marley

Jamaican reggae singer, musician, song writer, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim as one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

Bob Marley, an artist who started a revolution representing an entire nation with a diversity of people and various lifestyles. He did not simply write songs, but lyrics incorporated into purposeful music that mobilized people and incited change in a whole country. Few artists have both the talent and ability to do so! He was an advocate for social change through his performances while allowing his audience to forget all their troubles. The legendary cultural icon had to power to immerse people and make them dance with his now transcendental reggae music. He was born February 6, 1945 and died on May 11, 1981 with cancer at the age of 36. Bob Marley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame posthumously in the year 1994.

His Guitar: Washburn 22-Series Hawk

Washburn 22-Series Hawk

Bob Marley may be less of a guitar god but definitely knew his way around the strings. He owned only seven of them, one in particular was the Washburn which is also one of the world’s most expensive guitars. It was bought by the Jamaican government and preserved as a national asset, the price is unknown but estimated to be about seven digits.

Fans say the general public would most likely recognize a lot more of Bob Marley’s songs than Hendrix’s, and they don’t dislike a single hit. He represents all people and manages to connect them with each other with his beautiful music. Renowned bands also find it a privilege to cover and feature his songs in their performances. Whenever anyone hears a reggae song, no one else comes to mind but Bob Marley.

And the Winner is…

You decide. The bottom line is, you cannot choose between the two. They simply cannot be compared, and it’s like comparing apples and oranges. It’s all a matter of preference and appreciation for each of their original works. The phenomenal singers were both guitarists and songwriters, but had completely different styles. Jimi Hendrix is a rock icon. Bob Marley is a reggae icon. Both have passed away, but what they have passed on will never die and their music will live on forever!