Why Men Tend to Lose Hair After A Certain Age

Hair loss. A dreadful word for young and old people, affecting both men and women but significantly has a higher impact on men. It’s actually referred to as male-pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness, aside from just the medical term androgenic alopecia.

Why is losing hair of more than a cherished hundred of them a day, out of about a hundred thousand embedded in the scalp, most prominent in men around 30-50 years old, or even younger?


It can be caused by any of the following factors:

  • Hereditary. You could have inherited the condition. Genetics is the most common reason where the genes develop a sensitivity to androgens which includes testosterone, making the hair follicles susceptible to shrinking.
  • Sign of Aging. This is inevitable, where hair growth slows down as you grow older and the hair itself becomes prone to breakage. Perhaps the best way to deal with it is never take your hair for granted, and find solutions in today’s innovative products meant to impede the aging process.
  • The Wrong Shampoo. Using hair products that contain harmful substances which can dry out your scalp, corrode your precious hair follicles, and irritate natural oil glands. Stick with all-natural shampoos for hair growth which can do wonders in no time!
  • Hair Damage. Harsh hairstyles, treatments, and improper use of chemicals such as dye, bleach and straighteners can inflame hair follicles. Excessive heat such as from the sun and hot hair dryer can also result in damaged hair.
  • Nutrition Deficiency. Heavy dieting which deprives the body of required amounts of vitamins and minerals and all essential nutrients lead to ceased growth of hair. Adapt to a healthier lifestyle by eating natural foods and replacing bad habits with healthy habits, and you may still be able to save yourself from baldness.
  • Other factors. Impact from sickness, unexpected or stressful events, or the process of recovery from surgery, and certain diseases, can temporarily impede hair growth, while it can also be a side effect of certain medications.

Switch Shampoos

The best thing to do that makes perfect sense is to switch shampoos. Dozens of hair products may claim to make miracles and make your hair a lot thicker, but can make matters worse with the wrong ingredients, and growing back your hair is turned into a total nightmare! However, if you manage to pick the right shampoo for hair growth, you’ll have your hair back without any doubt.

One of the most popular is the Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic, which is widely recognized for years, and for good reasons. This specially formulated shampoo is made with advanced DHT blocker and free from sulfates, parabens, DEA, and absolutely no harsh chemicals.It’s proven to remarkably increase hair volume and support healthy hair growth. Switching to a hair growth shampoo can be a life-changing milestone, and there’s nothing to lose but more strands of your hair if your don’t try!

It’s inexpensive, safe and natural, and very convenient where it’s just like doing a DIY project at home, instead of having to pay for some kind of golden treatment.