Treadmills vs Elliptical Bikes: What should you get?

The elliptical bike and treadmill are two of the most prominent cardio machines seen around gyms. In general, both types of equipment can provide you with an effective cardiovascular workout and significantly improve aerobic capacity. Each machine can help you burn calories efficiently and fast, and you will be guided every step of the way in losing weight with accurate data as to how many calories you have actually burned.

Most importantly, any of the two can mold the path towards ultimately achieving your fitness goals! Along with all these similarities is the difficulty of choosing which one is best for you, especially if you are planning to setup an exciting home gym. Well, the decision really depends on how you wish to undertake your exercise regimen and by having the right knowledge of their unique benefits and possible drawbacks.



Highly Versatile

Stimulates brisk walking, jogging, to uphill sprinting, with various settings on incline, speed, and more customizations that allow for natural movements and help raise heart rate. You can opt for different activities on one single machine, such as walking, running, steep climbing, or interval training.

Optimal Work Output

Your body burns calories at a faster rate as you are encouraged to propel your body weight forward during exercise. Running and Walking strengthens the bones and muscles, promotes sustainability, and can aid in proper posture. The treadmill designates the speed and controls it which eliminates slacking off and making certain that you are right on track! You can also do your workouts no matter what the weather may be, and will never be hindered from achieving your goals.

High-Impact Exercise

Favorable for people with higher skill levels in exercising, since high-intensity training can pose a safety risk and running can bring about stress on the hips, knees, and joints for people not used to vigorous workout sessions. Adjusting the incline and speed leads to an exceptional variation in the intensity you prefer ranging from low-impact to high-impact for a dynamic exercise.


Most people have the perception of a treadmill as a high-priced equipment, which can be the primary reason why they hesitate to get one in the first place. However, one shouldn’t pay a lot of money for a good treadmill, because there are treadmills under $1000 built with a huge powerful motor, spacious running area, variable speed settings, and exhibits stability and durability which makes it a great value for your money!

Elliptical Bikes

More Room for Movements

Some have movable body handles or poles which allow workouts for the arms and legs, creating aerobic workouts which involve both the lower body and upper body muscles. Some can be pedaled in reverse which work the calf and hamstring muscles more as compared to the forward pedaling motion. You get a good workout though it may take some time to lose weight.

Low-Impact Exercise

It’s a great alternative to jogging which you can conveniently do for a longer time since it an elliptical trainer is less stressful on the knees, hips and back. An elliptical bike can still yield different levels of shin and hip discomfort, depending where the foot device on the machine is located, whether in front or behind your hips, or right under you as you exercise. It must not cause you knee pain when used correctly, but the problem may arise for some who have an underlying knee problem like degenerative arthritis.

Requires Proper Posture

Keep in mind to maintain good posture to ensure an effective workout. Hold your head up, your abdominal muscles tight, and your shoulders back, and your eyes as well as attention focused forward and not down at your feet. Most people tend to lean on the handles and may feel lazy over time, so you should typically let your lower body support your weight and get moving while being conscious of your body form.

If you decide that the elliptical bike is right for you, it’s best to get yourself a good posture corrector to get all the support you need. Various types can be worn in accordance to your needs that allow your body to exhibit good posture. They are highly recommended for the person using an elliptical bike for utmost effectivity of their workout. You will be able to execute body movements without having to constantly worry about your posture, allowing you to focus on your exercise and fitness goals to get you in your best shape!